Save clothing and vanity combinations and favourite your weapons [SUGGESTION]

  • Ahoy Pirates!

    This post is written like a patch (to keep it interesting to read) and contains in-depth suggestions of how the game can offer more content by introducing minor changes mostly based on already existing game-mechanics.

    Sea of Stylists

    The seas have an ever evolving variety of clothing, vanity items, and weapons to aid each pirate in standing out in the sea. However, the pirates seem to spend too much time picking the right uniform and shooting their ship's bell to test out their weapons. The time has come to raise the pirates' head back into the horizon! Pirates can now prepare and lay out their uniforms as they did back in time, the day before their first day in Pirate school.

    Favourite Weapons

    • A new weapon tab is introduced where you can see weapon skins which you have put a favourite star on.
    • You can now press "Favourite" on a weapon to put it in the favourite tab for easy and quick access in the heat of a fight.

    Clothing and Vanity Items

    • A new tab in the Clothing Chest is presented with your custom outfits showcased like it was a costume.
    • Equip your favourite outfit and vanity items and go to your nearest Clothing Chest. Here you can in the new "Outfit"-tab save up to 10 outfits. It has never been easier to swiftly dress for the occation!

    Have your pet join the party without worrying about it interfering

    • Pet interaction can now be uniquely bound to a key, preventing you from picking it up during intense action.

    Thanks for reading this far!
    Let me know what you think in the comments.

    Written by: Cap'n Norton

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  • Helping with customization is essential in this game, we should already have that.

  • @lleorb Complete agree. I am trying in this post to give an actual idea of how they could do it, and not just ask for it to be done. Hopefully that can speed up the process :)

  • They could even sell additional clothing tabs in the Emporium

  • @phantaxus Actually a really good idea! No one is gaining an advantage, but people (including myself) would definitely buy additional slots.

  • @phantaxus I vote against it, this feature needs to be ingame and not purchaseable with real money

  • I am saying have some in game for free but sell additional slots but it would need to be affordable

  • @capn-norton Ahoy! It is a brilliant idea but if you'd used the search facility here on the forum you'd see this has been requested by the community for over 4 years now :)

    We're all keeping fingers crossed it is something that might be added at some point.

    Here's some of the threads :)

  • This is nothing that hasn’t been ask for before. I supported it then and I am still supporting it now. A game based around cosmetics should allow for custom outfits saving slot. I also like your “favorite” idea too. I also think the UI of the emporium should be revamped to make it easier to find things.

  • With captaincy incoming, I think this idea is closer to reality than ever.

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