Please add the Ukrainian language

  • @kozak1608 It would be great!

  • I choose games in the presence of the Ukrainian language, because my knowledge of English does not allow me to fully enjoy the process of playing.

  • Yes, pls add ukrainian language. Tnx

  • I mean, I haven't yet picked up Sea of Thieves, but I make a habit of playing every new game that adds the Ukrainian language. So I'd definitely try Sea of Thieves were it to be translated into my language.

  • @grumpyw01f Hi.
    I currently play on the PlayStation 4, but plan to buy an Xbox as soon as it becomes officially available in Ukraine. I have been interested in this game for a long time, and when I saw the topic of adding the Ukrainian language to the game, I decided to join and add my comment as a sign of support, because it is important to me.
    I write through an interpreter, so sorry if something is not clear.

  • Great idea

  • As ukrainian, i agree with this idea. Please team Rare, we need it.

  • GOOD IDEA! #UkrainianSOT

  • ++++++++

  • Fully support the idea. Really looking into it.

  • Ahoy maties!

    Just popping by to say, we see you... we hear the request and it has been noticed.
    But please be careful commenting here, this is starting to appear as spam now... If you support the request please upvote but be careful with the content of your comments.

    Also, Ahoy! to the Ukraine Steam community 👋🖤 (I see you)

    Привіт українській громаді. я бачу тебе.

  • Підтримую!

  • yea we want ukraine language!!!!

  • Please add the Ukrainian language

  • @dismulator said in Please add the Ukrainian language:

    @galactic-geek There are many discussions about affiliation of Russia to Europe or Asia. The biggest part russian territory is located in Asia (77%). The culture of russian people is more similar to Asian countries than to Europe. It is logical to belong Russia to Asia.

    But the capital of Russia is located in Europe part. Majority part of population are also living in Europe. And European part of Russia is also bigger than Ukraine. You can also say that Russia is the biggest country of Europe.

    That explains why I thought Russia was in Asia for most of my school years... 😅

  • @musicmee Very glad to see that you noticed us, we hope that the Ukrainian language will appear in this wonderful game ❤️🤗

  • Yeah! We need it

  • +1! It would be great.

  • In reality, there are a lot of Ukrainians in the game, so adding the Ukrainian language sounds logical

  • Agree, its pretty hard to play even with russian language, its foreign language for us. Each ukrainian player can help with translation

  • The most important issue for Ukrainian community, I think. It will be much easier to play(understanding quests as example)

  • Додайте будь ласка, гра актуальна

  • We really need it

  • Нарешті хтось це зробив! Сподіваюсь ми прорвемось!

  • I support! Glory to Ukraine! Ukrainian language should be in all games!

  • The time has come , add ukrainian language

  • Yes + rep

  • The Ukrainian language must be in Sea Of Thieves

  • Ahoy maties!

    Thank you for all the feedback, we hear you loud and clear. However, the best place to raise this is via our Accessibility site using the link below. Please use the link below if you would like support for your language in game.

    That way the team at Rare that would be dedicating resources to this know the demand.

    I am dropping anchor here. Thanks for joining us on the forums, and see you on the seas!

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