PVE - Honnest Question why not?

  • Hello first of all i would like to tell that i love the game it looks very pretty and i can just sink hours into it also English is not my Native Language so please excuse my grama.

    After about maybe 100h playing this game i just get more and more tired about PVP players see you doing something instandly going after you and (in almost all cases) sink you jsut because there can. I understand PVP Players relay on PVE players like me to get there loot without spending 1h in voyages but after many days now always happening the same its just...annoying. I dont like PVP i always try sail away from ships or make myself noticeable as Friendly mostly i got backstabbed or just getting attacked right away tho. I also know that the Devs belive that PVP is a key fuction in that game and without it it would jsut die. Lets take DayZ as example many claim that the PVP is a key Fuctions aswell in that game still there exist servers that are PVE that run very well because you still can die from PVE Encounters. The same i feel about SoT even with no PVP you still can die from random PVE entcounters like Kraken or so on also telling that the game would get boring very fast is also a fallacy since there is about 75 Tall Tales to finish in total each of them i would say you need 90 min to get it start it and turn in the loot that would turn out as in maybe about 100h. This would mean you have alone 100h playtime of pure content to do and i got many many times interrupted and sunken while doing them witch is just annoying. Also there is all the Achievements you can to and so on so there is enough content for PVE players on pve servers.

    Another point i did hear about is the World Events that would be campt or loot stolen out of it. There are many Options you can build into this like a "who did most dmg over time to this event get the loot right" and making a timer to see who is the longest on it if for exapmle a solo step on the island start the event and a group of 4 person appear there will most likely do the most dmg to it but since the solo is on the island from the first min the event have startet till all the way to the end this solo player would get the loot privilegs. This would eliminate the problem about someone comes do the last shoot on the Boss or a group of players would just come and steel the Event.

    Im aware the Devs dont like the ideea of PVE in there game still there is a big part of the player base requesting this playstile and it would be very nice of the devs to listen to that voices too many might side with the devs and say PVE is just useless anyone would jsut spend time there and PVP server would be empty. I dont belive it will be that way since all other games i know PVP server are in the end the most populatet servers only Players who rly dont want interact with other players in PVP go on pure PVE servers. Another ideea would be that the loot on PVE servers would be 0.25% less worth since its easyer and saver to get jsut to try balance it out and give players the incentive to play on pvp servers myself i would not always play on the PVE servers and would accasionlay try my luck in PVP.

    Please respect the Playstyle other player might have. Personaly i dont like the ideea anymore join the game knowing "oh well someone gonna attack me anyway in the end and i will lose all again" and i dont feel willing anymore to invest 2h into this game then.

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  • @yasumi9091 there’s podcast from Rare on their youtube that goes into it also this will be locked soon

  • So you want a pirate game with no piracy? It's not going to happen, the devs have made this clear.

  • @OtherFanboy

    I kinda expect the Mod`s to lock it witch is also sad tbh not being able to discuss it on a normal polite manner. To the Popcast.

    I did look into it and there try atlest in my eyes to force us on a playstyle there deside. There belive that PVP is not a big part its a "possebilety" that would happen maybe while the maturaty of players are fully focused on this aspect in SoT. Devs claims there see it as a Advantage game that i do kinda agree on problem is i want do that advantage without always have to deal with players whi come kill me and tell me how bad im in pvp and i should unstall the game.

    My Pylosophy for this games is that the player deside waht to do waht there in the mood for waht advantage there wanna do and if there dont want to be botherd by pvp chads well its there desichion i make my story in that game and i would hate if my story would end in leaving the game since i cant acomplishe anything anymore lately.

  • @a10dr4651

    there we are about my "please respect the way other players might want play this game".

    I know you will not agree with me on this sure yeah its a Pirat game still its a GAME where you can make your story. Also i dont play games to get more stress the world is full with it alredy : ).

    (DayZ is post apocolyptic and noone will play by rules and there will be some kinda of raiders IRL still ppl like to play peacefully together since there jsut want relax and enjoy the game while others get there enjoyment from pvp fights.)

  • Even if there was a PvE server, in the end you will only get pants of a different color or a ship skin.
    The islands are empty and there is nothing to explore there (except for tattoos for achievements)

  • Ahoy, going to be dropping anchor on this thread as there is a post about Rare's thoughts on PvPvE (including a link to the Sea of Thieves Podcast that discusses it) here: https://www.seaofthieves.com/community/forums/topic/136693/pvpve-the-team-s-thoughts/1

    You can read an article by Joe here in regards to Private/Custom Servers.

    Thank you.

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