3 days into the game and guess...the Shrouded Ghost appears...

  • Hi mates!

    New player here, just three days into the game after long dreaming of starting my adventures in the Sea of Thieves...

    Guess what, i was coming back to Plunderer's Outpost to sell out some skulls and it arrived...I knew it was him, i made some research after listening a SOT streamer with hours of playtime talking about it never spawning.

    So what, i am used to mouse and keyboard (old PC player) and i can't fight or knew what to do so I just panicked and it flew away...I think i missed my one timer...it is SO SAD

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  • @gaezoso said in 3 days into the game and guess...the Shrouded Ghost appears...:

    I think i missed my one timer...it is SO SAD

    I hunted that beautiful predator for 2 years
    every day
    nearly 3000 megs came and went before I saw gray fins in the early morning mist

    From one hunter to another I bring to you an optimistic theory that arose from the depths of my daydreaming during my many, many hunts of all things creature and beast.

    I think many have missed out on a kill or two but still went on to achieve what they were after.

    Many random situations occur on a hunt. Sometimes a person is afk during a spawn, sometimes there is pvp involved where people can't focus on nearby megs, sometimes visibility is poor and there is no clear identification, sometimes a person is not on their ship when a spawn occurs. So much randomness and so much precision required that I think many have missed out on one.

    As long as you breathe there is hope
    as long as you sail there is opportunity
    she's out there, she's always out there

    alt text

  • @wolfmanbush

    I guess you're right! It's a shame as i had my sloop full of supplies and i was very alone in the deep Sea...

    Only the gods of the Sea know when I'll meet her again, but next time I will be prepared for sure...

    Probably it is even better for me, one more reason to keep playing this beautiful game...See you next time Shrouded Ghost :-)

  • @gaezoso I had the same thing happen in my first week!
    I had just joined a open crew that had finished a fort of fortune and were being pursued by a reaper alliance then it spawned on us and attacked. Sadly we were loaded with loot and being chased so it despawned.

  • @courtingnose1

    Why didn’t you tell the other ship that you spawned the ghost and ask them to join alliance or leave you alone?

    Pirates are bloodthirsty but we all should follow a code… I would have tried, loot can be stacked up again but the ghost is RARE :O

    Anyways, I wish I knew that I should have anchored my ship, I was debating what to do before it just got away…. XD

  • @gaezoso I did try but these guys didn’t care about the ghost just loot :(.
    Also I never have time to to fort of fortune as it takes more than 2 hours so I made a sacrifice.

  • I've still never seen the shrouded ghost (I didn't get a chance to do the adventure for it so I didn't even see the scripted encounter) but my early sailing claim to fame is that my crew found a Box of Wondrous Secrets my very first time ever setting sail

  • I feel your pain. I only just remembered that it's a diff color at night and I didn't chase it down bc I needed to log off. But I distinctly remember thinking "red fin, red eyes, I think it's just shadowmaw." But tonight I remembered shadowmaw has yellow eyes.

    But now I know she's real. And I'll find her if it kills me.

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