Freecam Mode for Custom Servers

  • I would love to see a Freecam mode added to the game in Custom Servers. In the second-to-last developer podcast Mike Chapman mentioned that the team is looking to put more tools into the hands of creators and the community, and I really think that this feature would help transform the kind of video and photo content that currently exists in Sea of Thieves.

    Making cinematic videos in-game with no tools besides FoV and Audio SFX sliders is a labor of love, and a lot has been accomplished, but being able to control camera movements, time-of-day, and enemy spawns would make a world of difference.

    I know this feature has been requested already and that the dev team has been working extra hard lately with the stream of content being added to the game, so this is more of a "squeaky wheel" reminder post lol. We recently made another machinima/cinematic video and are going to make more, but we look forward to the day these features can be implemented!

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  • Shoot for the stars on custom servers imo.

    As long as they never contain progress I think the more tools, features, and options the better.

  • @wolfmanbush My thoughts exactly.

  • Aye! This needs to be a feature for custom servers.

  • Custom servers can be used to stage all kind of things so photo ops should be a must.

  • This sounds amazing!

    But if custom servers will be used for filming/etc., it would be great to also be able to "direct" NPCs to do specific actions and movements.

    It would also be good to have the ability to style/dress each character.

  • @thagoochiestman those kind of features would be fantastic. I would go crazy if I had access to a dev build of the game and could use something like sequencer in Unreal to make scenes.

  • Aye the sea of thieves is sure known for its scenery. So it feels fair tu have more way to contemplate it. Tho it would require to have the same bounds the players have like not further than the edges of the shroud or no invisible wall clipping like in PoTC tall tales. But other than that the idea is just great in every concievable way.

  • As someone who has used custom servers plenty of times for many different reasons, all your suggestions would help big time with filming stuff and just great ideas in general. I hope they are working on this kind of stuff so we can get many more films in sot.

  • Rare, love your game and team. It's in my top all time games -halo, half-life etc.

    I think this may have been granted to a creator in the past, if it could be made available to all those with access to custom servers it would be such a boon to making things.

    It's a blast using a game to make something new ala 'machinima' but any more tools to make it easier would be fantastic.

    Halo 2 had a 'hudless' custom save I used back in the day to make silly halo music videos, then Halo 3 added theater mode with a fly cam that blew the lid off what I could make. A server replay feature is a much bigger ask I imagine, but having fly cam/time of day controls etc would be incredible!

  • Aye! Anything to help creator to create content easier like films or cinematic or events is a big yes.

    Fingercrossed for the custom servers that we are given the ability to spawn any enemies and perhaps control how they behave.
    Imagine fighting four ashen lords at once 😳

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