Moody shanty writer

  • Yesterday I woke up with the absolutely disgusting idea... To translate "We shall sail together" to the Russian language. The problem was to adapt the meaning to "Great and Powerful" (our idiom about our language), saving the rhythm and music. I was in a good mood and finished it in an hour. I adapted the meaning, so it literally meaned "We shall be united". I put the accent to the unity of players, because I think that Athena anthem is about friendship and mutual assistance. But in general I saved the meaning.
    I was so proud, and wrote translation on the biggest Russian Discord Community of Sea of Shieves. But players said me, that I'm the naive fool, and there is no unity in Sea of Thieves.
    So I couldn't sleep tonight, and I wrote a little continuation to "We shall sail together". Don't beat me please, my English is not so good))

    Hey, Goldkeeper, lend your shoulder
    To the Hunter from Soul Order,
    And the Merchant in the journey.
    You should sail together!

    Sea of Thieves is full of creatures,
    Reaper Bones, which want be richer.
    But our swords and guns would teach them
    How to sail together!

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