Nothin happend and it was pure event magic

  • This is one of those 'i wished i recorded this' encounter. I just spawned into Sanctuary Outpost. Got out the door still gathering my senses, the sun slightly blinding me and there the other pirate was standing infront of me. I usually shoot at ppl straight away but this time was slightly different cause I wasnt actually expecting to see anyone right after spawn but there the other pirate was - couldnt read his/her name this fast. I think it was a she and she started playing music and the old event geezer that i am being in a cooperative mood joined in and started hoping to the dock to flex my festive 'look at my collection' muscles. i put on the obsidian hull with the corresponding canons. The capstan and the wheel aswell as the figurehead were to be from the omen set. for the sails i chose the vanguard sails. i even turned them toward the dock. just to show off a little, she was gone - started shoping. but her friend was there who started to join into the tune. bosun bill it was i believe. i played drums. so we played a bit and then i went hopping back into town to find her shopping. i must have been pretty annoying hopping and playing music next to her so she followed me back to then dock where i could finally steer her attention towards my proud ship. i pointed at it and the she started beeing all over it. they both ran around and checked out the shiny boat. after a while they eventually got what they came for in town and raised anchor. their ship was parked infront of my fresh spawn. they turned it around and started sailing - i waved them goodbye from the bowsprit as they started heading out into the sea - i played 'we shall sail together' as their sloop went into the distance. they fired fireworks and i watched them sail away - tune still playing on the hurdygurdy. it was magical and i did not have to kill anyone. #piratemoments
    so Naveed the Healer, if you are reading this, the firework was a really nice gesture and along with the tune on the hurdygurdy made a pretty good pirate moment! have a great adventure!

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