We need more sea creatures.

  • So, basically right now there are only three creatures that you can fight, sharks, kraken and meg (not counting sirens)
    How about adding some more, like
    Whales (also maybe a boss variant of a white whale or something dunno)
    Jelly fish
    Manta rays?

    Also the thing that I think would fit the most
    Just normal crabs that can be underwater / walk on islands and maybe a boss variant of a giant crab?
    Dunno, there's a lot of things I could say but that's the most I want to say right now

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  • the problem with adding more mobs that are supposed to be always active is that the servers are already struggling, so unless you make them random spawns like sharks it would just hurt the servers untill they figure out something.

  • @nemesistiger844 thats a "problem" with adding almost anything to the game. This shouldnt be a go-to counter argument for every idea that gets posted here.

  • I’d love to see more sea life get added. Even if you couldn’t interact with them and it was just visual.

  • What about our buddies sirens? D:

  • Not gonna lie, I only see sirens like twice a week. Assuming I play 8hours daily.

  • @alienmagi
    I mean untill thjey decide to work fully on server stability their are just simply ideas that will not work cause it will stress out the server. unlike some other ideas.

  • I am of course a little biased for crabs^ but I've always wanted a giant crab boss, or maybe even a crab pet, the ocean crawler flavor texts have always kinda nudged at the idea of crabs in the game, to tiny friendly ones to "giant enemy crabs" (ocean crawler spyglass) and unfortunately as it says "purely theoretically sadly"

5 out of 8