a list of ideas to better improve the game

    1. colored flames need a texture update

    some colored flames are very hard to differentiate in some instances (and im not even color blind!) one good example is the blue and purple ferryman statues, they look so incredibly similar, and in the lantern of the damned both blue and red are almost a liquid clear color

    1. loadout and sort system

    a loadout and sort system is very much needed, the number of cosmetics (titles especially) is so large that sorting through pages to find what we want is becoming very annoying, and since the inventories don't sort by last acquired it takes a while to find anything, a sort and loadout system would allow us to apply everything we want quickly to our pirate, and a favorite system would filter out what we dont want to use on a regular basis

    1. Galleons need a second grill

    Galleons need a second cooking station, when you have huge amounts of meats coming in it takes a long time to cook, especially on a fishing galleon

    1. audio menu updates

    the audio settings need to be redone to something more traditional, if you cant be heard in game the current one just becomes a minefield of trying to figure out what needs to be changed

    1. Crash bandicoot

    the requirements of acquisition are up to rare, but now that Microsoft and activision are now one, it be cool to see cosmetics based off the wumpa fruit in the crash bandicoot games, this would be incredibly easy, as the wumpa fruit and the in-game mango look incredibly similar

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  • @windatmyback378

    Flames could be a setting, i have no trouble with my monitor and its color settings. But adding a way to tell them appart for those who need it sounds fine.

    We all need loadouts, this has been requested over and over.

    Galleon stove. Why not just add a 2nd stove to all boats, or simple make the pan larger so it can hold 2 items.

    Audio settings could be split further to allow you to have a betger control over it.

    Crash... The Activison/Blizzard deal has been announced, but it will likely take a year-ish to finalize. If this happens I wouldnt expect to see anything till the deal is final (expected 1Q 2023)

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  • None of the flames look alike in color, check your color calibration settings. Are you sure you are not color blind? Have you been professionally evaluated?

    I am not color blind and have a properly calibrated IPS monitor display which is 99.8% accurate to SRGB specifications and IEC.

    I can assure you that all Fate of Flame colors are their own individual colors and are distinguishable.

    Now whether they are all the same bright levels, is another story. I particularly feel that some of them are too dark below deck.

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