Combat suggestions and feedback: death animations, toggle button groups, killmoves (not priority), cutlass changes, anchor drop animation, B-Hopping changes, cutlass duel, phantom changes

  • Suggestion #1: death animations - Makes the game more immersive by adding different animations for going to the ground rather than just keeling over cause of a brain aneurysm. Blunderbuss knockback death, flintlock chest-to-heart bullet pierce backwards fall, cutlass kneel on all fours and extend your grasping hand before falling over, Fall damage knees quiver and crack before falling over forwards. Fire death spinning and flailing before collapsing.

    Suggestion #2: More toggle pickup groups - Offer soul toggle option, weapon toggle option, item sell toggle option, food pickup toggle option, option,

    Suggestion #3: Quick Low Health killmoves (not priority) -
    These killmoves make the game more immersive with quick kill animations bound to a key or a button (interact button by default), while simultaneously giving it's victims the option to skip the waiting time for entering ferry of the damned once the finishing blow has been done, by pressing the "offer soul" keybind/button, audio cue is the death sound effect of the "bass boom" .

    Player-to-player low-health killmoves:
    A. Cutlass -
    Stab your opponent and pull the blade down and out. Audio cue plays at stab.
    Swing your cutlass into your opponent, punch him, and hit him with the pommel of your cutlass. Audio cue plays at punch.

    B. Flintlock -
    Shoot your opponent 3 times, once in the knee, once in the chest, and once in the head with a slight delay to aim and fire. Audio cue plays at chest shot.

    C. Blunderbuss -
    Pistol-whip your opponent in the side of the head with the blunderbuss barrel. Audio cue plays at barrel-strike.
    Thrust-strike your opponent with the barrel before pulling the trigger half a second later. Audio cue plays at thrust-strike impact.

    Suggestion #4: Cutlass changes -
    A. Light attack and heavy attack, light attack is the swing (assigned keybind, left click/right trigger by default), heavy attack is a stab(assigned keybind, press right click/left trigger by default),
    B. Power attack is holding assigned keybind to pirate lunge when the cutlass meter is full (indicated by a see-through dagger icon that fills up at the bottom right (hold right click/left trigger by default) ,
    C. Can now dodge to the left right and back with a small leap with a landing animation when blocking with a cutlass.
    D. Interchangeable 3 hit combo swings made by mixing up light attack and heavy attack, rapid mouse/trigger pressing will render the right combos.
    L,L,L is original cutlass combo swing,
    L,L,H is a side-to-side double hook swing followed by an overhead slash,
    L,H,L is a 3 hit Bermuda Triangle swing,
    L,H,H Is a 2 hit half triangle followed by a loop stab.
    H,H,H is a two hit stab, first high, second low, followed by a wind-up pommel bash,
    H,H,L is a two hit stab followed by an uppercut swing,
    H,L,H Is a stab followed by a sword-twist right slash followed by a loop down diagonal left slash,
    H,L,L Is a stab followed by the twist right slash followed by power up-hook stab.

    Suggestion #5: Death sounds - Dying results in screaming.
    Blunderbuss death: Loud Scream
    Cutlass Death: Short exhausted Scream
    Eye of Reach Death (bodyshot): Short Loud Scream
    Fall Damage death: Ground slam sound
    Fire Death: Short soft screaming again and again and again.

    Suggestion #5: Anchor Drop animation - Fighting enemies isn't fun when they can just drop your anchor instantly and kill you before you can raise it. There should be an anchor drop animation. where you grab the capstan handle, push it a tiny bit, and let it go, so dropping anchor within your crew is immersive, and dropping enemy player ship anchors is balanced.

    Suggestion #6: B-hopping shouldn't be as effective as it is. This isn't an arena shooter. It's a pirate game. Landing animation after jumping which slows you down for half a second during animation.

    Suggestion #7: Pirates love to sword-fight. Why not make it better by adding a cutlass lock-on feature. Target an enemy player who has a cutlass in their hand and press a keybind/button to challenge them to a duel where the two of you are softlocked into cutlass combat with eachother and must move around eachother, anyone who interferes can be shot with a spare flintlock in your back pocket with a keybind/button.

    Suggestion #8: Phantom nerf - Phantom Sword Lunge can be broken. Phantoms can only sword lunge once, not 3 times in a row. Phantoms have a weapon lag where they can miss their shots because of tracking delay.

    Suggestion #9: Using equipment while sitting - Makes the game more immersive and convenient.

    Suggestion #9: Map Table sitting removal - Had a friend who got blown up with a keg placed on the map table by a player during a fight, map table sitting screwed him up, made him not defuse the keg, ship got blown up, everybody died, ship started sinking. No. Map. Table. Sitting.

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  • Sounds like you forgot about the game's rating, because many of your suggestions sound pretty graphic and intense. Perhaps too intense.

  • Super appreciate the thought you’ve put into this stuff, but yes, the death animations and sounds you suggest probably aren’t going to work in a PG setting… Unless cartoonishly stylised. Which would probably negate the effect you’re going for. Perhaps the short sharp drop to the knees we have now would end up feeling more brutal anyway.
    But hey, I’d love to see Rare take a swing at their own fun versions.

    Anchor drop is an interesting nerf to the Meta. Oh boy it would be frustrating to be chopped up trying to drop someone’s anchor and getting stuck in an animation. But yes, a total relief for the crew defending. It ain’t elegant. But it’s something.

  • @wavecraft-57 Interesting ideas! Really like the sword duel idea in particular. I can imagine myself running up to crews asking if they want to trade slash marks.

  • These are some pretty good ideas imo. Im sure the "screams" and death animations can be made to look silly in the classic SoT fashion.

  • no thanks

  • I noticed no gun balance changes were listed.

1 out of 7