Custom servers for players (Royal Navy vs Pirates, etc)

  • Hello I've been thinking about a concept for Sea Of Theives now that I think would be a fun new way to explore and play the game in a sort of roleplaying narrative.

    I know that custom servers are already a thing for some certain users in the game. The thing I would like to see though and I think others may enjoy this too is.
    Similar to garrys mod or some other game that allows for players to create servers and roleplay in or whatever. To be able to create your own server and choose how many players each ships should hold this is just as an example and not something that exists :

    • Galleon 4-8 People
    • Brigantine : 3-6 People
    • Sloop : 1-3 People

    These servers would then be in a custom servers tab which players can choose what custom server they would like to play in.

    With that being said, it would also be neat for those custom servers to hold some sort of an enemy brig (prison), but you would of course keep the original crew brig if for say your crewmate woke up on the wrong side of bed.
    Much like how the shipwreck galleon has a large brig at the bottom deck on the back of it but still keeping the crew brig if you get what I mean. Then you would need something to capture the enemies with like maybe a rope that has been mentioned before in posts.
    Although I think it would be better to keep ropes in custom servers rather than the SoT servers, and you can allow for it to exist in your custom server or not.

    Another mechanic that would be useful for the custom server "lock enemy in brig" is if a player from the enemies side could be able to rescue his friends captured in that brig by perhaps shooting the lock off or "pick locking".

    The point here I am trying to make is that with this, keep in mind (this might not be the best explanation but I think you understand) would open up for lets say a "Royal Navy vs Pirates" server which I would love to see or participate in.
    Where the Navy works together to capture the pirates or exterminate them, and you would have a leaderboard in the corner where you can see all the players in the Royal Navy and in the Pirates team.
    Roles would also be great on the leaderboard like Captain, First mate, etc but roleplaying the roles instead wouldnt hurt.

    These are just my opinions I've developed a bit further that I am sharing with the community.
    You might have even better feedback or criticism that you would like to share or point out, so feel free too.

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  • I doubt this would happen, to be honest. It’d be cool, bit I highly doubt it’ll be much more than regular SoT with progression off. It’ll be great for YouTubers though!

  • a team death match should have been added to the arena i could have made the game mode more forgiving to newer players and make a win not impossible for some of the teams ....but i don't know if people would want a royal navy most players are live in republics/federations, nothing wrong with the factions names as they are.

  • I support any suggestion that increases crew sizes. Being stuck at 4 is the main negative of the game. Additional game modes would make the sandbox game more fun.

3 out of 4