Nitpicking A Pirate's Life (Quest) with Season 5 update

  • Sometimes I return to Sailor's Grave in sea of the damned simply to relax and stay away from pvp for a moment and hang out with ghosts in The Last Stand tavern. Now, I don't want to hear you yelling "lame!", I do this simply for roleplay and brief enjoyment. But what I really want to say is 4 things:

    1. Ever since Season 5 arrived, we can all sit on seats, even in tall tales. Only can't sit on most seats in Sailor's Grave. Of course can always use the emote "sit", but I don't know how Rare either missed this or just dismissed. It's NOT big deal at all, but if I may continue... I reckon there are only two updated seats: one inside wrecked galleon with the gold that player can collect and the other inside the lighthouse on ground floor. I know this is very minor thing and nobody would ever care, but I'd like to sit, drink, eat and dance for roleplay with the singing ghosts in The Last Stand Tavern.
    2. Speaking of that shipwreck tavern, can't refill tankard even though there's a grog barrel at back. Guess I have to take it to Tavern of the Damned in the other sea of the damned tall tale: Captains of the damned.
    3. I tried to do fishing and expected skeleton fish, uneatable and cannot bring out of tall tale. Turns out they are normal fish, while it's possible to catch them (despite there is no Stove or a Campfire), I think it glitches as the caught fish disappears or during the fishing there isn't any line on the rod, lol.
    4. Soon as I removed Cursed Captain from the skeleton body that played chess, the body was still alive, without a head or skull in his case. Is it suppose to do that?

    That is all. I know it's pointless to bring this up and you're gonna say "It's a tall tale, not a retirement fun" I get it, whatever. Personally I think it's a pity but honestly not big deal. Still can have fun in dead realm. It's not like the fact that sloop capstans aren't centered.

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  • @delta-allon

    Rare, like most developers, has to prioritize what they spend their limited time working on. Compared to the main world, the Tall Tale side areas (such as the shores of gold, sailor's grave, or old sailor's isle) don't see much foot traffic; any changes Rare makes at those locations would have a relatively small impact on most player's experiences yet would require the same amount of developer time to implement.

    I'd like to see what you proposed implemented, but I doubt it'll happen because of the poor return on investment for them to make any changes to those locations.

  • @limbicfanatic quite true

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