Character Evolution

  • @the-foxhounded might have agreed with you on the last point, before they added seasons. You can easily get up to 250 ancient coins per season, that is enough to buy 2 appearence potions, or even 4, if you wait for the sales. You can change your appearance without spending a single buck.

  • @the-foxhounded

    If you ever buy this potion, you will see how annoying it is to pop up the message every time you enter saying that you have the potion and that you can change your character.

    I don't know the exact value of the potion, in my country it would be around R$ 10.00 but the currency of my country is absurdly devalued, where 1 dollar is just over 5 Reais. So, I guess that the potion must cost between 2 and 5 dollars, that is, if for me, who live in a country whose financial situation is terrible, I don't complain about spending this amount.

  • the reason why the pirate appearance potion makes so much sense is that it uses the current infrastructure of the game its a simple cost efficient way for Rare to make it so you can change your pirate, your suggestion is to add a giant new amount of coding just so you can not buy a pirate appearance potion. The amount of time this would take to implement vs the amount of the community that would actually benefit from this is so horribly off it isnt worth development time.

  • No, I like the look of my female character

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