• Add more to the sirens. I love what you did with the siren shrines, but I think more could be added, such as a new faction with quests involving sirens, either as an enemy, trying to stop you from taking the loot/map/message, or as a target that you need to defeat similar to the order of souls skeleton quests. About the message part, I think the message could be an item wrapped up on a sunken scroll that you hand in to the new faction, but it wouldn’t be worth as much unless you FOLLOW the message where you find the area where there is now an active shrine, (add two-three more shrines that follow the quests rather than just always being active) which you can only find by doing the quest but can be active regardless of the quest. Then once you arrive at the shrine (could be above water or below) (above would be floating at the surface) you fight through several waves of sirens until finally you get another message (this quest would usually take a whole session to complete) that leads to a VERY expensive yet volatile explosive. Or you could just do same old siren treasure that takes us a million years to turn in lol.

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