Sea of Thieves or Sea of Bloodshed?

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    spawn camping just to kill is toxic.

    The only thing i will just about agree upon. Spawn killing for the sake of spawn killing is the only unnecessary action i believe to actually be unfair. However, scuttle ship exists to end the fiasco, and with every respawn there is a chance you can climb back on top. It's up to the one being camped if they are to continue being camped, nonetheless controlling a ship just to kill a player directly feel's unsportsmanlike.

    following a ship around for hours is toxic.

    Nope. Ship might have loot.
    Furthermore, if you want to throw the word toxic around like it's nothing, then i believe running into the wind with zero intention to fight back and red sea-ing loot should be considered toxic.

    sinking a ship just to sink is toxic… Doing anything just to do it without a purpose is toxic i.e. hiding on board with a keg with no intention to steal anything, etc

    Again, Nope. You don't always NEED a purpose. It's a sandbox, tools not rules, etc. And we've discussed the keg play before, if someone successfully carries it out and enjoyed it, it's valid, not toxic.
    You really throw the word around too much. Someone doing something you personally don't like is NOT toxic, not everything that inconveniences you is toxic.
    The only behaviours i'd personally argue are toxic in this game are discriminatory and hateful language, aggression over mic, or anything reportable or bannable/suspendable. Other than that, it may be annoying, or unnecessary, but it's all part of the sandbox.

  • I very clearly told them I have no supplies (or interest currently) to put up a proper fight

    Xbox players in a party cannot hear your voice chat, and some players will have text chat disabled too. Either that, or they simply don't care if you have loot or not and are just there for a good time.

    I knew I was not experienced enough to outrun them

    Running in this game is setting sail in a straight line, it's not something that requires that much experience.

    And after that they just kinda hung around, shooting me as I fled to the island. They didn't even take any of the loot.

    Ok, what? 2 outstanding issues with your argument here;

    1. What, do you actually think they're going to take the loot and just IGNORE the most dangerous threat in the entire game? If you're not killing the people after sinking them expect them to be boarding you, this is common game sense.
    2. How do you KNOW they didn't take the loot? Did you stay alive to the point they didn't know you were there or not? Or did you die because you said they were shooting at you and just make a wild assumption they didn't take it because you were there...?

    Now how can you call that PvPvE

    You did the PvE, they did the PvP. A PvPvE encounter doesn't mean there has to be a PvE threat at the same time as a PvP one, that's just overwhelming, unfun and annoying.

    They just wanted to kill a helpless player who cannot even put up a fight

    They have no clue you're just a little wee helpless player, to them, any ship is the biggest threat in the game.

    who clearly doesn't even have any loot to give
    willingness to give up what loot they have

    Hypocritical much...?

    too many players who are interested in combat are strictly interested in PvP.
    But I am not fine with PvPers not doing ANY PvE content

    Large amounts of people enjoying the game in a different way?!! HOW DARE THEY, SUCH HEINOUS ACTS!! I HEREBY SENTENCE ALL PVP ENJOYERS TO 2 YEARS OF PVE ONLY GAMEPLAY!11!!

    judging by the amount of players who don't even have any skins to show

    Skins, despite being the only means of progression in this game, means nothing. Not equipping cosmetics could mean:

    1. As you said, too poor
    2. Simply doesn't care
    3. In a hurry
    4. Going "undercover" to bait in other ships

    Forcing newbies who don't have enough money for gold and forcing experienced to use skins simply to show their time or desires of gameplay isn't an option, this is a sandbox game.

    This whole post just seems like a whole lot of "These players are playing the game differently than me and it's making me angry" IMO
    Incentivise as you will, players should be free to do as they please (within common sense limits of course), because as I previously stated; it's a sandbox game.

  • @madfrito99 People like you make it more difficult for actual toxic behaviour to be dealt with. If you're gonna report a player anytime they do something that you don't like, less time is being spent looking into reports of actual toxicity.

  • @madfrito99 said in Sea of Thieves or Sea of Bloodshed?:

    what you outlined i agree with. spawn camping just to kill is toxic. following a ship around for hours is toxic. sinking a ship just to sink is toxic… doing anything just to do it without a purpose is toxic i.e. hiding on board with a keg with no intention to steal anything, etc

    None of these things are toxic, and people always have a reason to do these things, even if its just to get some practice.

    It sounds like you just have a problem with PvP in general.

  • @sweetsandman Maybe because they will still be in the same session doing the same stuff making it hard to accomplish anything

  • @alienmagi i dont really for pvp no…however its just common sense…if you do something to someone with no purpose (dont want loot or anything) but to aggrivate them…get them angry…upset them…please tell me how that isnt toxic…i think your just trying to defend your actions lol

  • @madfrito99 said in Sea of Thieves or Sea of Bloodshed?:

    @alienmagi i dont really for pvp no…however its just common sense…if you do something to someone with no purpose (dont want loot or anything) but to aggrivate them…get them angry…upset them…please tell me how that isnt toxic…i think your just trying to defend your actions lol

    I do not need a reason to attack you other than I wanted to. This is acceptable and not toxic. Its literally a huge portion of the gameplay loop. If you run, I assume you have loot you are hiding, If i catch you, I will try to sink you for the only reason being that I can. If I roll a boat parked at a seapost for example (this happened last night) and I inspect the boat for loot and worthwhile supplies and you have nothing, I m ight let you live, I also might sink you because I can.

    I've said this before and I will keep saying it.

    You gave your consent to be attacked and sunk the moment you signed into the Sea of Thieves. This is part of the game.

    Also, remember some people are content and some people are pirates, which are you?

  • @captain-coel you can keep trying to defend your actions…doesnt hold water. game was designed to sink ships to steal loot…period. it was not designed for someone to spend hrs just trolling people and upsetting them with 0 intentions to do anything else

  • and you are right…it is sandbox…you can do voyages, tall tales, hunt ships for loot, sail around doing commendations, just sail, fish, etc. if you spend your time just trolling people and nothing else, that is not part of the sandbox…that is toxic behavior period

  • @madfrito99 Holds water just fine, you clearly do not understand this game. I'm guessing your the kind of player that is content though, so it makes sense that you believe these actions are toxic. If I am not communicating with you and just killing you, your perception of the event is that there is no reason. The only reason I need is that I wanted to, that is enough for it be non-toxic. The more of your posts i read, the more I am sure this game may not be for you.

  • @captain-coel contrary i love this game…just hate toxic people

  • @madfrito99 said in Sea of Thieves or Sea of Bloodshed?:

    @captain-coel contrary i love this game…just hate toxic people

    @captain-coel contrary i love this game…just hate people

    fixed it for you. your perception of toxic are contrary to the developers of this game.

  • @captain-coel just because you want to doesnt mean its not toxic fyi

  • @madfrito99 He doesn't need to defend anything as everything he outlined is perfectly acceptable in the game, allowed, and most definitely NOT TOXIC. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing nothing but sinking others as long as they are not being abusive or bullying. You signed into a game that has combat so in fact you did agree to deal with it.

    As long as they are not specifically targeting a certain group/players, using abusive/racist/sexist/excessively profane language, or bullying then they can sink all the ships they want and not gather a bit of loot. Playing as a marauder is an acceptable play style, as long as they don't cross the line by making it personal. And get off the rant about "they are only doing it to troll others" as most players could care less how you feel, they do it because it is FUN for them and not to cause you grief. If you can prove that to be the case, then you can report them - I just reported someone this week because of that (and this was maybe my 3rd time reporting a player in 4 years of playing). It was all fine up until they opened their mouth with racist comments as he camped the spawn points on my ship (a little exploitive as he killed me before I had loaded in, even with my Series S, but that wasn't the issue), luckily I was streaming then so had all the video proof I needed.

    There are some bad actors out there, but most are not and it isn't because they prefer to hunt other players, it is how they interact with them while they are doing so.

  • @dlchief58 dude do you even read what you write: There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing nothing but sinking others as long as they are not being abusive or bullying…what constitutes bullying to you? or being abusive? if a ship keeps attacking the same crew over n over for no reason isnt that bullying or being abusive? you seem to be stuck on “its a sandbox” so i can do what i want…but i cant say what i want lol see how crazy that is? we disagree…but most people agree with me when i say you can be toxic in this game outside of voice communication…and for some reason you cant fathom that because of the word “sandbox”. just because it says sandbox does not give you an all access pass to be a aggrivating individual to others purposely ruining their day with no intention to do anything else in the game. yes you have that right to do whatever you want..just like in real life…doesnt mean everything you do is ok..somethings are bad some are good…understand now?

  • @captain-coel read above

  • @madfrito99 I did, most people do not agree with you. And the most important set of people agree with myself and @dlchief58; and that is the development team. We will never see eye to eye on this, but I hope I see you on seas, expect a battle or a chase, it will be your pick. We both know what I will be choosing.

  • @captain-coel i would be happy to battle you haha no hard feeling…just sharing alot of peoples feelings

  • @madfrito99 Playing the game (i.e. sinking ships for the fun of it) is not bullying or abusive. You seem to have problems differentiating between the two.

    Yes it is a sandbox and you are allowed to play the way you want...with certain caveats since you are sharing this sandbox with others of differing play styles. You can play peaceful and do nothing but PvE all you want BUT that does not mean you get a free pass from other players, as this is a open sandbox, PvPvE game. It just means you need to be aware of your surroundings and other players and be prepared for whatever encounter may occur. There is absolutely nothing in the game, terms of service, or code of conduct that states players must take loot in order to participate in PvP and is quite silly to think that should be the case. Just like you are not required to stick around and fight someone - see it works both ways.

    And most people agree with you? LOL, a simple look at upvote counts on your comments versus those that disagree with your limited point of view shows that is most definitely not the case, as does the continued popularity of the game. Furthermore, I never once said that voice was the only way to be toxic in this game - but it is the most common and is often the determining factor on whether their actions can be considered actually toxic. An example is spawn camping with no other intent than doing just that, as in keeping a boat afloat and camping them for a long time (I probably could have gotten that crew on that charge as well had I decided to stick around in that situation, but they let their mouth fly first and that was enough). Rare has also said targeting a specific ship repeatedly is also an offense, but you have to prove that to be the case as many times they are just attacking any ship, not just yours. But the most common way of griefing comes from your own crew and can be proven without voice.

    Almost everything you are complaining about is normal gameplay that you have issues dealing with due to your own hang-ups. And almost none of it is actually toxic but just people playing the game in a way that you don't agree with and trying to push your own "values" on others.

  • @dlchief58 i have 0 hang ups…love the game but hate toxic players. but you proved my point. a ship that continues to go after another ship is considered toxic to rare and can be reported…that is pretty much what ive been saying

  • @madfrito99 That is NOT what I said, quit twisting my words to suit your needs. I said targeting a certain ship REPEATEDLY - something you conveniently left out. There is a big difference. If they are sinking you along with every other ship they see, they are not specifically targeting you - you are just there to be a target. Most times when this is happening they are targeting them for a reason, and it isn't a good one and more to deal with the persons on the ship (like their race, gender, or sexual orientation - see how it all ties together). If they decide to chase you "for hours" (I always get a chuckle out of this claim, as most who make it aren't skilled enough to drag a chase out for hours and the ones that are enjoy wasting the time of the pursuers, like I do) that is also not toxic (nor very efficient). You must have a high opinion of yourself if you think they are always after YOU in the game, as I assure you that is not the case. Well it might be if you act in the game as you do here on the forums.

    You really need to reconsider what your hangups are in terms of what is actually toxic gameplay.

  • Indeed, AngryCornChip69, your actions here in this thread are quite toxic according to your own definition

    "if you do something to someone with no purpose (dont want loot or anything) but to aggrivate them…get them angry…upset them…please tell me how that isnt toxic…"

    You've said your piece and completed the purpose, yet you continue to aggravate and upset the thread. Congrats you get the first Beating a Dead Horse award of 2022....

    alt text

  • @dlchief58 my last peace on this…how on earth would someone know someones race, sexual orientation, or sex? you literally just said thats why ships are targeted. just obsurd. you can be a target for a multitude of different reasons. secondily all i do is voice my opinion on here. i dont act in any certain way…and yes if im challenged i respond…that isnt a bad thing. also, i never said im always the usually not because i stay away and im friendly…so please do not make accusations like that. i have played with alot of peope who feel the same way i do…doesnt make me wrong

  • @conal-cuan no reason to be rude to someone just voicing their opinion. everyone is entitled to their opinion

  • @madfrito99 Do I really have to spell it out? There is a little thing called voice chat, which can give away someone's gender or race. Then there is the Pride flag, and people have been specifically targeted for that as well (and others use it as bait to catch such players). Finally a lot of people are not shy about giving away certain information, sometimes they put a lot of that in their Xbox bio or use an actual picture of themselves. Those were but EXAMPLES and not the only reason, they might be targeting you for something you said to them.

    To add to the "targeting" of players, you do realize there are at most 4 other ships besides yourself on a server at any given time. That means an aggressor only has 3 other targets besides you, meaning there are not a lot of available targets and you will likely get attacked more than once by the same ship if you stay there for a while. That does not mean they are SPECIFICALLY targeting you, just the odds are in their favor in terms of encounters.

    Just because some people agree with you does not make you right either. I sailed with you once and I do not share your view one bit. And the majority responding do not share your narrow view on what is considered "toxic", nor does Rare or Microsoft.

  • Surprised a mod hasn't stepped in yet. Can we get an official statement on whether sinking someone for the sole purpose of enjoying the fight is toxic and could result in action being taken against your account?


  • As this thread seems to be doing circles I'll be dropping anchor.

    As a general reminder to all....please avoid engaging in personal arguments and derailing the topic of the thread. It is fine to debate the content of the post, and the viewpoints therein, but disrespecting any of your fellow pirates personally is against the pirate code, and our forum rules.

    For those interested, there is a post about Rare's thoughts on PvPvE (including a link to the Sea of Thieves Podcast that discusses it) here:

    You can read an article by Joe here in regards to Private/Custom Servers.

    Thank you.

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