Outpost Misc Changes/Additions

  • This is perhaps more for roleplay than anything else, but these could perhaps also be useful if you parked your ship far away from the outpost, perhaps an adjacent island, and came in a rowboat. Here goes:

    • Especially for outposts which don't have good lookout spots (such as a climbable mountain), add a lookout tower which you can climb up, or perhaps the crows nest mast of a wrecked ship that was repurposed as such?
    • Add a map somewhere in each outpost, be it like a map table or just a static one (with a marker for the outpost's location), I don't mind. Perhaps put it in a new structure or at the inn?
    • Add a bell which you can ring to warn of potential dangers. Perhaps hang it outside the inn?
    • Similarly to the hanging lanterns, remove or reduce the sizes of the collisions of those strange bottles that are tied to poles and trees outside the Order of Souls tent. It just feels a bit out of place.

    Please evaluate/review these ideas separately. It's fine if you don't like all of them (or if you don't like any of them), but don't write them all off just because you don't like some of them.

just for fun770
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