Make Official Dice Merch

  • From the chunky, rustic dice props that sat on Joe Neate's table for Sea of Thieves updates to the recently added full set of polyhedral gaming dice for in-game emotes, and the beauties found decorating tables and things throughout the world of the game from the assets pictured here...

    alt text

    ...dice have long had a prominent place in contributing to the piratey aesthetic and atmosphere of SoT. And so for those of us who love SoT and who also happen to play tabletop games and enjoy collecting dice of all sorts, it has seemed that that was one item from among the wide array of official game merchandise that was very conspicuously missing, and which we would love to throw money at.

    You already released an official deck of SoT playing cards (which I happily own – though getting another deck more in line with how cards look in the game itself would also be a welcome addition to the merch store that I would jump at), and the Legendary Dice included with the Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game, though nice looking, unfortunately lack functionality outside of being used for that specific game alone, so, for many of us, sets of standard six-sided (and even polyhedral gaming) dice perhaps based on the variety of dice found within the game – or at least just a single set of SoT-themed dice – has seemed inevitable for a long time, and at this point it is most definitely something I long for desperately.

    Please make it happen, Rare!

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