Suggestion: Raise The Ladder

  • I've noticed all through my time in the game that ship vs. ship combat is mainly just who can board the other first via ladder. What if the ladder was able to be raised? It's a rope ladder after all and looks moveable. This would make ramming and shooting onto the ship via cannon a much more common occurrence. Maybe even some impact could knock it down, Ie. a cannonball hitting nearby or a gunpowder barrel knocking the ship down. As a side suggestion, what if you could use the harpoon cable as a zipline or a rope to climb across, making more access points. This needs a lot more thought, though I feel getting a discussion would work towards the goal.

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  • current ladders and boarding makes sense to me even though I don't care for it

    abundant chain shots doesn't and the ability to spam them soon after joining a server is what largely lead to the mess that is current combat in the shared environment

    the board/anchor play is a decent one when people aren't getting chained into oblivion

    combined with both it's a mess imo

    combat pre chain shot made more sense imo and showed that the board/ ladder situation on its own works alright
    people can get good at doing it and defending against it and it requires more performance and strategy than just an overpowered spam feature

  • Balance the ladder mechanic with not being able to mermaid back onto your ship when a ladder is raised and then we are talking.

    Gives some risk to the reward of not having to watch ladders during a fight. Better not get cannon’d off!

  • @kommodoreyenser

    That's a beautiful idea

  • Just spawn more sirens when people just launch right out into dead open waters to hope for the grabs

    Reduces just being able to low effort sword lunge/shoot way off and float and wait for the ladder grab, and makes actually having to aim, and ideally shoot yourself better, or closer to where you want to grab, otherwise, you end up dealing with more of a distraction in the water

  • I see this as a non-issue personally. My naval engagements rarely result in boarding because I have learned how to protect against it and generally keep people forced into a naval engagement with me which is where I feel I am stronger when it comes to PvP stuff.

    It is easier to do this with a crew, of course, but not impossible solo either (though my normal solo tactic is to not let things get to an engagement, period, by being good at avoiding other Ships at this time). Granted, it isn't foolproof and assured, so sometimes I'll still get boarded and sometimes that will be the end of the engagement if those boarding are good enough to secure the Ship (not always the case). But overall, I see this as more knowing how to prevent it than a matter of needing a mechanic to mess with the ladders.

  • I think it should be a timed thing, Use it at will to stop boarder you know are coming. Raise ladder to stop boarders and it automatically lowers again after like 30 seconds. (unless manually lowered).

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6 out of 7