New Captain Falcore video is a bit interesting...

  • Video Here:

    According to the video, theres been some very interesting world changes which I'll summarise down below (skipping the joking parts, only going for the interesting bits) before coming up with my own theories about what they could mean.

    0:40-2:36 - Captain Falcore talks about Thieves Haven which got some changes to it which are as such:

    • 0:46-1:04 - The crane that dangled in the centre of the island is missing, along with it being dismantled as well along with debris of it being found at the bottom of the ocean underneath where it used to be.
    • 1:06-1:12 - Two new cranes can be found with what seems to be a Pully system for both of them.
    • 1:13-1:50 - A new soil at the bottom of the Three Stone Heads can be found, plus what seems to be a wooden block near the torch (Falcore also makes a comparison of this to the old version where it doesn't have any of it).
    • Rest of Thieves Haven Segment is that apparently Crooks Hollow was connected to Thieves Haven (likely as one island altogether) during very early development but where Separated, it is supported however by two of the crab paintings that are similar to eachother.

    2:37-3:45 - Captain Falcore mentions a mysterious sound that can be sometimes heard whilst sailing (was quite hard for me to hear) which happens randomly, apparently its similar to the one made when finding Umbra's easter eggs (though it could be an audio bug).

    3:48-4:36 - Wandas Spyglass (S4 Level 100 Reward) and any item with a red tint where when using it on ghosts like in the Pirate Legends hideout, will cancel out the green ghostly palette where you get to see what they once looked like (except the Pirate lord who still has a green tint). Falcore mentions that this could be intentional and a possible future mechanic.

    4:38-5:48 - Some changes at K9

    • 4:58-5:22 - One of the entrances to the underwater cave has been changed and looks much more hollow this time, Falcore also makes a comparison to an older version which was more cramped.
    • 5:23-5:41 - This is an interesting one as one of the rock formations looks a little more open which implies that it could be openable (like the rock entrances that lead to the ancient vaults), plus some stalagmites nearby have a different texture to them which Falcore says look somewhat like ice, though someone on the comment section did mention it looks similar to the crystals found on Athena items.

    Anyways that all the stuff that Falcore mentions and here's my theories on what some could possibly be.

    For Thieves Haven, I believe we're probably going to get some new mechanisms given that two of the platforms have a pully which implies a Lift system of sorts (Maybe to get us to reach parts of the island quicker?).

    As for the Soil patch at the Three Stone Heads, that is clearly a Spike trap, no questions asked. That soil patch is only ever used to mark one, which makes me believe the wooden block near the torch is probably some sort of activation mechanism. (I believe the Inner Sanctum of the Trapmakers lair and parts of the Shores of Gold also have this texture which again marks Spike traps.

    The Thieves Haven/Crooks Hollow lore is a bit interesting and could be mentioned in-game. It is likely given that some small islands in the real world where once part of a bigger one, case in part ALL of the continents where once has huge island.

    I'm not sure what the sound whilst sailing could be though, might be an unintended audio cue to discover an ocean based easter egg (Maybe for the Siren Shrines?) or just a bug.

    The red tint is interesting and could be useful for a Ghost themed mechanic, maybe even something like Ghosts are invisible but you need to use a Telescope to find them which could make some cool puzzles. Or that you need to see them from a different perspective to communicate with them (i.e. appear invisible normally but wearing special glasses makes them appear).

    As for K9, its possible that the rock could open up a portal to a ice-themed area (very unlikely) or an ice-themed cavern (Realistically wouldn't make sense but this is Sea of Thieves we're talking about). My belief given the comment someone made on the video is that its possibly a mining resource and we would probably be exploring some underground cave system. (I would love a SoT themed Cave expansion update right now).

    Anyways that's what the video says so what do you guys think?

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  • Anyways that's what the video says so what do you guys think?

    I agree with your thoughts about Thieve's Heaven so I got nothing to add, except why would someone construct more lifts and a trap at the heads? Hopefully we'll find out soon enough.

    K9... Something's going on but I can't imagine what? Something to do with siren shrines as didn't a sunken ancient pillar get added at k9 some time ago?

    And... the spy glasses... I think it's just a unintended feature as I've tried it before and the colours don't seem right or close enough to what they looked like. Not to mention how odd feature it would be if it worked on every ghost expect Ramsey. But again, my colour blindness may play a role with my interpretation.
    Even if it's intended mechanic I think it's just a Easter eggs as rare doesn't hide secret places, voyages or mechanics behind a usage of X item. But it could be used for Easter eggs, teases for upcoming updates or commendations?

  • For what it’s worth, the underwater passage at K9 has been hollowed out at least since the Sunken Kingdom update. But it’s definitely hinting at something. Almost certainly tied to a Tall Tale.

  • I love these kinds of changes. It really makes the world feel more alive. I wonder if there’s some stuff that’s changed that hasn’t been noticed yet…

  • @ninja-naranja said in New Captain Falcore video is a bit interesting...:

    I love these kinds of changes. It really makes the world feel more alive. I wonder if there’s some stuff that’s changed that hasn’t been noticed yet…

    Keep a weather eye out, and whether you find something or not, I'm sure we'll all get to see it soon enough somewhere out there upon the Sea.

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