(GROGG MAYLES, another new one!) 1700's Harpsichord Covers of Shanties of the game

  • [EDIT I made a new one]

    I made a 1700's version of the song, "Grogg Mayles" (the very new one), "Bosun Bill" and "Becalmed" from the game. Played on a 1700's Harpsichord copy.
    I hope you'll enjoy it !

    New one : Click here for Grogg Mayles

    Click here for Bosun Bill
    Click here for Becalmed

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  • Absolutely marvelous! Oh my word! This is, without a doubt, the best cover I've ever heard of Bosun Bill!

  • That is awesome

    It's always a treat to watch someone play and you played great with a nice video to go along with it

  • Very cool! That was a fantastic cover.

  • Thanks you all ! :D I will make other SoT harpsichord cover soon

  • @trelaire Oooooooohohoh, looking forward to it!!!

  • @WhimsyDragon825

    Here the new one : Becalmed

    I hope you will enjoy it !

  • oh wow these are amazing. well done

  • @deano-m-tsc Thanks ! : )

  • Here the third one !

    Grogg Mayles

community1.5kvideo209fan art67
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