Ships sinking out of nowhere.

  • Why is my ship randomly sinking? it has happened twice in 2 days, during 2 sessions, so that's going to be 100% rate on that bugalt text this is not lag. ship dived under the water and sunk with 6 mermaid staves onboard, a ritual skull, a ton of supplies and lvl 5 reaper flag. not cool. the last time this happened i had loot from 2 instances of ashen winds, i went out for a little swim (someone was doing fort of fortune) and when i took the mermaid my ship had sunk. What is up with that?

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  • I've never seen a ship sink for no reason. Are you sure it didn't get hit by a storm while you were swimming, or someone swam over and sabotaged it?

  • @cannarbic

    Do you have any video of it? That will be the best way to get answers.

    Unless more people start complaining in the forums about a similar thing happening, most players are going to assume your ship had a hole in it that you weren't aware of (such as from storms or sabotage) before they believe that your ship sank from a bug, especially since we haven't had a big update in a while (most new bugs happen after a big update is dropped).

  • I dunno what your skill level is but with max'd out reaper flags the chances of it being some sort of pvp related sabotage are higher than just about any other situation

    You went to go tuck with a stacked ship of 2 ashen wind events? is that what you're saying?

    You are in high risk situations so it's gonna be very likely other pirates where involved especially if you are leaving your ship

  • @cannarbic

    Do you cook a lot? Left some meat on the stove maybe?

  • Was it touching ground / too close to an island ?

  • I'm just gonna chain respond to all of those questions - I'm a Legendary Seadog. The Legendary sniper should be an indicator to the skill level involved.

    Also just look at the screenshot. This is something you would expect from The Queen Anne's Revenge. And i would notice a storm, while taking a 4-minute swim. Those 2 are not the same occasions. The screenshot you see, the ship was actually in movement, just dived under water like you sometimes see with lag or when you disconnect. Problem is we were not disconnecting, the damn thing just sank. And other one was the swim, i left my ship unattended for 4 minutes and came back to a sunken ship. Sabotage you say? After sailing back to the location, the loot i had onboard was still all there, yet starting to sink, so i lost most of it. It was 2 instances of the same bug, if i ever seen one.

  • My friends and I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago on a galleon. We were all on the ship coming out of the storm. We had 1 person downstairs repairing, so we had no holes, and very little water. The boat went "through" one of the large storm waves and INSTANTLY sank. No holes, no water pouring in, just went from 0 to sunk. One guy who was mid deck said they were just "suddenly underwater". This is the only time I've had this happen.

  • @fudtheman yeah to be honest, to me it looked like the whole ship went through a wave aswell and then it just dived under water and kept going. at first i was like okay, cool it's just one of those lag episodes, but after being able to swim off the damn thing and then hearing the sinking sound i instantly took a screenshot.

  • @cannarbic

    Your ship sinks automatically if it ever capsizes (e.g. if the ship model turns upside in the sea).

    I've seen this happen in rough storms, hitting rocks and when harpooning a ship to a meg.

  • @gravesilence272
    "If it's not broken, don't fix it."
    This didn't use to happen. So i can literally sink by sailing if the wave is too big. Come oooooon. Now the thing is we were actually pulling up to a storm when this happened. And yes, i did see a rogue wave pass through the ship before it happened.
    Being at the level i am (2000+ hours played) i reacted to hearing that there's water below decks, but it made zero sense to me why there should be any. Ran down there with a bucket, natural reaction. Then it started diving, i was like "oh, cool, i'm lagging"
    And then i realized i still have waaaaay too much control over my character for this to be related to lag. So i snapped the screenshot, while my ship sunk with lvl 5 reaper and supplies from a Flameheart run.

    The only real loser was the dude that was onboard with me, it was an open party and he was in for a boost, but i obviously Alt+F4 after that c**p. (sorry for cussing, but there's no other word for this)

10 out of 11