Little Community building questions.

  • Hello Dear Pirates ,

    A long time ago this Forum was known for it's "Community feel". It had a great "Common " feeling over it and Pirates got to know eachother a bit better by conversing or playing little community games with eachother .

    Those organizers of these games have ... uhm ...not been sighted for quite some time and in the meantime the Forum has grown in such vast numbers that if we could unite and we all had a real life boat then every Navy , including that one of Brittania or USA , would shiver if they saw our amount of ships dooming up on the Horizon... If, we would know each other a bit better we would be like an oiled machine , unstoppable by even the Sea Gods themselves...

    Alas , a part my own fault for having a faulthy brain ( * Oi , watch yer words ,fool, you only have two braincells left in your desert of decay that you dare to call your knucklehead ) and i lost a bit motivation to write as some strange program flaw forbode me from writing big posts . All of that lies now in the past , on which i thank all of those who did their best to detect and solve this problem. The Forum Repair Team and Mr Sshteeve whose keen IT eye saw what made this flaw...

    So what i would like to try is this : i'm pretty ( * in yer dream ,ugly old sock) sure that many of you must have questions about the game . Probably most of the Technical kind or ..maybe not ...Maybe a piece of Lore or Tall Tale story that doesn't add up in yer mind or ... you maybe want to know what a certain Cosmetic mean , or what kind of instrument has been played in a certain part of Mr Beanlands Opus Magnus that dances in our ears. And maybe you would like to add why this question is coming up from time to time in yer head ...

    In other words , you may tell us a bit about yourself to why you wanted to ask this question, so we can get to know eachother a bit better... For the answers , please don't look at me , but i'm sure that there are still alot of Pirates who are walking , or should i say , sailing Encyclopedias of SOT lore . To them i would make the plead to help out where possible.And...if the Deckhands , or Moderators or the DemiGods themselves , namely Developers , would like to lend a hand ,then please go for it...

    So , i hope that i may started something to get to know the Old and New Forum users a bit better...i could ask a handfull questions but to keep it funny i will only ask one , for now maybe judging later if this little Community Game get's away from it's dock...

    Now here's my question but first a little bit background info before i write the question down. i'm a foreigner towards English , i speak it , yes , basic English as the English Language is quite rich in it's amounts of words , but like mostly any other foreigner who speaks or tries to speak English ,it comes with an accent...

    Now , it's just these accents that gives English in Sea of Thieves so much more colour , ever came across French Pirates that speaks English ? You can almost immediatly point that they are French because they bring out that memory of Peter Sellers ' Inspector Clouseau in your memory or Hercule Poirot , which was actually a Belgian of the South part of that little country.

    English spoken by people from the Eastern European countries all have some " Strenght" in their accent , i always imagine that i'm talking with halve Giants when i come across them... Indian Pirates are pure Music in my ears because i have a soft spot for their accent as it always brings a smile of happiness to me ,i don't know why... Irish is a bit the same , you can almost hear the folk in their talking , even if they don't sing...USA accents , by the Gods , they have so many different ones , and certainly the Southern ones give me a smile as they remind me of a lot of loved and liked movies... i could go on and on about my love for English accents but that would take too much space .

    Be ,on the other hand , very sure that this isn't a stigmatizing or racist post , i'm a foreigner myself and i'm not afraid to hide that , the world is filled with colour and so is the " sound " of our languages .And there's nothing wrong with that...

    Now , my question: Beware ,i'm looking to find the region ,not the person ,not her picture name nor adress , from an in game character...There are a lot of NPC characters in the game and with the help of my Good Friend Captain J4dio ,i mostly know where a certain NPC's accents come from , except this one:

    Does anyone knows where the accent of Larinna hails from? Again, not the person , just a region in order to keep privacy a Sacred certainty...Anyone knows ?

    And if you be so kind , and would like to know eachother a little bit better , please add a bit info on why you add a question . It doesn't have to be long , and we are not asking Secrets , just a bit Personality just to give Gamertags a beating Heart, please?

    Who knows , that , with your help , this little topic may grow out to a little database of weird or seldom asked questions ? It can only become solid with your help , all of your help...So don't let me swim here in the dark ( * " I'm in the dark here!" , Great Al Pacino reference , dumbo , you don't know much but you do know your Classics) and answer or add questions ...Thank you for reading

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  • @clumsy-george ahoy George!

    Larinna was an odd one for me having taken a listen, so I resorted to Google!
    She is played by a voice actress named Lisa Caruccio Came, who is of Brazilian, Canadian, British and Italian heritage, which may explain why you cannot place her accent easily!

    Apparently she has spent a lot of time in England as well as part of the Theatre, which could have blended her natural accent.

    My question:

    Where does your gametag name come from?
    I'm always interested in the way that Pirate's come up with them, as I know that sometimes they are generated, but others are personal.

    For example - mine is a college nickname as a girl in my class who I liked a little too much would emphasise my name (Steve) to "Shhhhhteeeeeeeeeeeve!" whenever she saw me. This, Sshteeve was born!

  • @sshteeve

    Wow , thanks Mr Sshteeve , that is great , she must be able to do a lot of accents then . And if she would read this then i just want to say: Don't stop with Larinna , do more voice acting , you have Talent...

    Ah , the Gamertag question , oh i will answer gladly . George is the English translation of my real first name ...The Clumsy part... Well, at work i have been known as a jack of some trades , more dilemma's to solve that envolve power instead of wits, and i help everyone that needs help , the shadow side of the coin was that the time i spended on helping others meant that i had to go in overdrive to be able to finish mine , that led to a whole lot of accidents , which gave me the " Clumsy" reputation, the job was done but mostly involved some blood or burns , that lasted untill 2014, where i had a fall that could have broken my neck but ,nope, ya can't kill Old George ,i'm like gardenweed .
    Two days later i was back, stitched , concussion and a back that would hurt for three months ...
    i was slaughtered at the safetyboard that followed , and that has taken my throttle back, i still help but the pace of old will never return...

    And those from the safetyboard better hope that the factory never loses electricity because once the darkness will come ,my hate to them will be fueled...Tiiiiii iiiime is on my side , yes it is...

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