I can't solely do PvE

  • I was doing the Legend of Sunken Kingdom quest over the weekend and spotted a Gold hoarder ship on snake island, being the pvp oriented guy I am I shot over just to practice. As soon as I boarded left the crew boarded right. Killed the one guy and the treasure chest he had was a silver key to Kraken's Fall. Tucked the item on Snake Island and found a keg and blew their ship up (I was a solo sloop and they were a two man sloop) go back to my boat. It had sunk, probably crashed into something while I was busy. Sailed back, grabbed the key, used it, grabbed the chest of ancient tributes and cashed in. Got the sunken curse the next day with my usual crew that was full while I was doing the afore mentioned fight. Only need 15 more tribute chests to get the sails (I really like doing commendations that give out sail rewards)

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  • @voidshipwrecks

    As a PvE goddess, I agree. I did skim the story so if there's a complaint, apologies. I don't personally like PvP. Gives me the anxieties lol. (Bad at it too.)
    Don't box yourself into a playstyle you don't enjoy. Sink people. Have fun. Don't tuck tho. That's lame lol.
    Embrace "tools not rules" and let people play the way they want while you play the way you want.
    This is the way.

    Don't solely do pve or feel bad about pvp.

  • I was always too soft for that kind of killing. It's a struggle for me to separate the people from the pirates. It's right for others just wasn't ever compatible with me.

    They gotta draw first blood or it doesn't sit right

  • @pithyrumble why cant you tuck?

  • @lackbarwastaken

    I didn't say you can't tuck.
    It's just not my playstyle so I'm going gently mock you until you see my perspective, or I consider you a sweaty and don't care.

    I think tucking is lame but I respect (almost) the strategy.

  • @pithyrumble one of the best stories and most thrilling experiences I had was as a solo slooper, tucking on a reaper 5 Galleon that was stacking Fort of the Damned. Stole one of their Athena Chests, managed to get away with it too. By the end of the session, I was allied with them, defending them from other Pirates, them knowing full well what I had done because I had told them. Maybe I'll tell the full story one day...

general1.8kstory & lore464
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