Cheaters/ hackers in Arena

  • Today I encounter one vessel in Arena and we could not deal damage to them and they could not deal damage to anyone else. So they just moved stuff around and made us idle in Arena.
    Since i was told I can report only with video> Here is link.
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    Other ships were fine.

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  • I'm pretty sure that's a bug that happens if you load into the game under specific circumstances. Tell tale sign of this bug is usually you end up looking naked to everyone else.

    It's kind of a sausage move to continue playing when you're bugged like this though.

  • at worst that's probably someone intentionally goofing around from a failed server load in for their character which is not exactly unheard of

    "could not deal damage to anyone else" that makes it pretty obvious it was someone messing around after a server fail imo

  • @ussulwm1 no one can mess with the game to this extent intentionally, this is a bug.....

  • @ussulwm1

    Neither a cheater nor a hacker. Welcome to sea of thieves and its bugs. Its a bug. Nothings going to happen to the player and your report will go nowhere. Its a bug in the game and it happens. Most of the times if it happens players will have fun with it and just mess around. Its gone by the next game lobby.

    Doesn't happen all that often so just take the L and move on.

  • @d3adst1ck I thought the same

  • @xultanis-dragon happened to me a few times and I just moved on. not worth it to get angry about it

  • @ussulwm1 Ahoy matey!

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