My stream : Lid3tv

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Alan, I am 24 years old, I am a fan of Japanese culture (manga, food, etc ...), of video games and I started to stream for a while on Twitch, so I take the opportunity to do my little ad story to bring people back ahah :).

    In the program :

    • League of Legends (Solo or with friends)
    • TeamFight Tactics (Flat 4 - 3)
    • Valorant
    • Rocket League (Champion 2 currently)
    • Sea of Thieves
    • Survival games (Green Hell, etc ...)
    • Programming (because I am a computer engineer)
      ... and lots of other cool stuff!

    All this in a good mood (we try as best we can), and in the tryhard of course!

    If you want to pass, here is a link to my channel:!
    AND a small clutch on valo:

    Do not hesitate to follow me, so as not to miss anything!

    See you soon I hope !

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