When does new update drop?

  • When is the new season update being dropped? Is it today or the 21th?

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  • @bartho1omeus updates happen on wednesdays...so if, then tomorrow...but I highly doubt it...probably next week on 27th

  • If its gonna launch in January then i will guess 27th.

  • So as of just now 10:54 GMT 20/01/2021 the game says that the Grogmanay and the 12 Deeds events have less than 14 hours remaining, now i dont know if that means anything but maybe it indicates when the update is... I wouldnt imagine that Rare will leave the game for 7 days without any special event..
    I might be wrong but i think that they are going to start dropping updates in the middle of the night GMT. We can but wait and see.. But to answer the original question, I suspect that the update will drop tonight or early tomorrow morning, like 1 or 2am GMT... Like i said its just my opinion and i may very well be wrong... I would like to get up on update day and the new events etc are ready to play tho..

  • Im hoping for an SoT News Today, so the new Update will be likely next Week :)

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  • I they "early 2021/january"
    We still in the month and early year, I guess 27th.

  • I guess time will tell.

  • Anyone looked into the emporium to see when it expires?

  • I checked the events tab and clicked on "special events". A message pops up saying: CALM WATERS: "The Bilge Rats are busy preparing more exciting Events. Check back later to see what they have in store!".

    I tried to see how long the time-limited items are being offered in the store but I could not find this information. The only thing I could find is this bright orange clock icon in the top right of a time limited item offered in the pirate emporium.

  • Well.... It looks like i was completely wrong LOL... so i would imagine that it will be next wednesday 27th going by when they usually drop updates.

  • @bartho1omeus they can change the time-limited special deals in the emporium whenever they feel like it now so that timer doesn’t really have any meaning anymore.

  • @Gundy-the-Shark Thats very true, It used to be a good indicator of when the update was going to be uploaded but it seems like it isnt anymore... I would think it will be on Wed 27th.

    Until Rare announce when the update is, its all speculation and nobody knows exactly when it will be i suppose. Will will have to wait and see.

  • Well, let's hope this thread get's their attention.

  • Just speculation, but I believe they intended to drop the update on the 20th, but probably ran into some issues that they had to fix, pushing it up a week. Let's hope it works well when it does drop :)

  • I hate that it didn't drop this week. I waited all day for it! 😭

  • News just-in: January 28th (according to announcement on the Discord)

    EDIT: also Twitter

  • @realstyli seems odd that its a Thursday though.

  • @captain-coel

    Thursday is the new Wednesday!

  • @captain-coel said in When does new update drop?:

    @realstyli seems odd that its a Thursday though.

    Oh, I know. I had the same thought.

  • @musicmee do you know why it's on a Thursday instead of Wednesday?

  • drops on the 28th https://twitter.com/SeaOfThieves/status/1352315896505786368?s=20

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