Looking for a serious crew, possibly starting a clan!

  • I’m on Xbox one looking for serious pirates that want to make mad loot and rep! I’m close to making pirate legend. Looking for similar ranks to join me. Hit me up! My Gamertag is: Dobro47

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  • @dobro47 I'm about halfway to pirate legend playing solo. Wanna team up?

  • @soccafreak10
    Yeah hit me up!

  • @dobro47 hello I’m Logan 9425 and I’m also halfway to pirate legend and I’m also looking for a serious grind crew could we team up

  • Oh ye and I’m also in the uk

  • @dobro47
    I could probably play with you sometime. I’m 24 gold hoarders, 19 order of souls, 20 merchant alliance, and 6 hunters call. I don’t know if I’m advanced enough to join, but if you are interested, my Xbox user is: “Mdawgbacon”. I usually play SoT with friends, but if I’m running solo, I’ll be more than happy to join you!

  • Wait never time there is four people we can get a galleon

  • Have you found a crew yet? I'd be willing to join in!

  • @mdawgbacon
    I can only play Friday nights and Saturday nights

  • @dobro47 yo 12 uk time we will try and get me pl btw congrats on hitting pl captain

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