Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL Community Competition) - Best 'Capture a Cannonball' Screenshot! [RESULTS]

  • Greetings, Pirates and Lubbers alike!
    Deckhand Lootin' Lizalaroo here!

    May I say again, you pirates captured some cracking screenshots for this mission! It made it really difficult to pick the winners!
    Fortunately, I found a few more codes, so this week there are 2 winners!

    6 were chosen from all the entries for this mission and the screenshots selected as winners were......



    Well done me mateys!

    Please look out for a DM containing your codes!

    I’ll be back later with a new mission.....should you wish to accept it..... 😁

    Lootin’ Lizalaroo

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  • I love pirate bowling :D

  • @lizalaroo Not going to lie. It hurt to lose this one, especially when one of the winners needed at least 12 people to take that picture.

  • @sardonicsage792 Aye but still only one person gets the codes. With this weeks mission there will be 5 lucky pirates. :)

  • woohoo! I saw a lot of really good screenshots this time and i got pretty nervous about the results, thanks so much Lizalaroo!

  • @lizalaroo

    I got to ask how are you seriously picking these this is some ink master diabolical changing of rules.

    The dog one didn't have anything to do with a said catching cannon ball.

    The other one had the life bar still show-able.

    The perimeters on winning these shots are getting to be loose.

  • Woot!

    Thanks for for everything @lizalaroo

    ill keep my eyes peeled for any DM's

  • Congratulations!

  • @sardonicsage792 It was a community effort, we loved getting involved and helping one of our members win! We do feel for you though and I would love to personally offer you an Xbox gift card if you let us?

  • @ttvsilkenver I appreciate the offer. I just felt I really had a shot at this one, so it was a little disappointing to lose to such a coordinated effort by a community. You can give the gift card to someone else who needs it more than me. Thanks for the offer.

  • @naughtyd0gg the mission is to ‘capture a cannonball’ It is up to interpretation. There are so many different ways as shown by those who entered. Quite a few are chosen and a randomiser picks the overall winner. This competition is just a bit of fun with a code or 2 for the winner/s. It’s not an official competition :)

  • @lizalaroo

    Was my picture considered for the prize? Clearly I didn’t win but was my picture put in the randomizer? Is it possible you can upvote only the pictures that are put in the randomizer?

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