Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL Community Competition) - Best 'Outpost' Screenshot!

  • Why not let this old sailor rest at the outpost every so often?

  • A new day at Sanctuary

  • Golden Sands Outpost with chillllll

  • Ancient Spire at Sunset
    Ancient Spire at Sunset

  • Ancient Spire at Sunset

    Not sure why it didn't show, but here's the link to the image I was trying to post

  • Sanctuary

  • Sanctuary

  • @lizalaroo

    They said it could not be done

  • @lizalaroo

    I hope the link works. I posted on Imgur.

  • @lizalaroo

  • @lizalaroo

    The adventure starts here.

  • Dumbpy with sun rise
    Galleon's Grave Outpost

  • Hoping to complete the set :)

  • Calm

  • Every crew makes mistakes from time to time. The trick is avoiding the captain's wrath afterwards.

  • Trading day at the Outpost.

  • Some trade with the Mechant Alliance at Plunder Outpost !

    And Gl hf on the seas.

  • Morrow's troubles ! Had to wait 3 hours before the volcano went off !

  • @lizalaroo

    Galleons Grace is the most interesting outpost in the SoT! I wonder how it got up there?

  • Адрес ссылки

  • Acient Spire

  • A Legendary Voyage

  • Another try

  • IMGUR New People


  • The relaxed fisherman

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