Vault upgrade for pirate legends

  • I recently watched a video explaining how being pirate legend doesn’t really give anything exciting apart from a title, more cosmetics to buy and voyages that merge gold, merchant and order of souls voyages together.

    So I think now is a good time to suggest great ideas to the devs so that being a pirate legend is more worth it.

    I’d like to suggest a vault upgrade for your ship that can only be acquired whilst being a pirate legend. This upgrade would provide you with a small storage space where you can hide 3 pieces of loot for example a chest and two crates from merchants. This would protect those 3 items from being stolen from other pirates when boarding your ship, the others would have to sink your ship in order to access what was inside the vault.

    To explain further, the video I watched suggested that being a pirate legend should give players privileges that make their time more pleasant. This is where my idea comes from. It’s a privilege to be able to hide 3 pieces of loot away from players so that they can’t steal it when boarding your ship, only after sinking you are they able to acquire it.

    If we want being a pirate legend more exciting we need to suggest more ideas. Small additions like this will add up to a great experience after grinding for the title. I’d like to know peoples opinions, thanks!

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  • @sebolo2004 I'll be honest, I wouldnt mind this.
    As long as it is not "saved" so you can log out and turn that stuff in on another session, then I'm good.

    As long as other players can still obtain the loot in someway, id like to see something like this take place

  • Nah, stealing is in the nature of the game, its all or nothing stakes. Plus, everyone is supposed to be on an equal playing field. A suggestion like this breaks that.

  • @nabberwar That’s why I posted to see what people thought of it :)

    As mentioned we need more ideas to make pl more exciting. Any suggestion is worth considering as it could be altered in a way where it’s more balanced. You could have it so that the vault can be lockpicked and the loot can be stolen.

  • @talriaen I never had in mind for it to be saved so you have the loot stored forever. Only a small compartment where some loot can be safe from others. Even if it’s one item it’s still an addition that makes being a pl better. With many small additions the title would become something to be very excited about.

  • If only Pirate Legends can get this ability, then the only thing that is going to be kept in there is going to be Athena Chests which means the number of these chests that are in play to get stolen gets drastically reduced.

    I don't think this game needs any features that prevent loot from being stolen, being as that is one of the main focuses of gameplay.

  • @nabberwar Agreed. However. I'd find it alright if there were some advantages. After all, legend is not a ridiculous goal anymore. I feel that if there were two stages of progression- Prelegend and Legend, we could safely introduce a very limited vertical progression, such as a new ship type, or a region, or a single weapon, etc.

    Like the OP said, many small features to make the game more interesting as a legend. Even some very limited progression.

  • @sebolo2004

    All i see this idea doing is promoting sinking ships over theiving. As you can't tell who and who's not pirate legend therefore you have to treat ship as tho it was a pl ship.

    Second i don't see how this would work as PL don't own the ship it would have to be an option to attach one at an oupost. What if a Pl just hoped in put it in the ship and left leaving just a crew of non-PLs.

  • Yeah would be great to have some nice things unlocking with pirate legend. Maybe even new areas like some ghost forts or such where you could only go if you are PL and could only kill them with ghost weapons. There is so much potential with all the stuff that's already in game.

    I'm sure devs have some sort of roadmap for the game, hopefully also other stuff than adding more horizontal events to get faction levels since in the end they are not used in any way.

  • That is an amazing idea.
    Most battles end in sunken ships anyway so it would not even change that much.

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