Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL Community Competition) - Best Devil's Roar Screenshot!

  • Well, I was waiting for an Athena deliver...guess it might be at least 7 minutes longer.
    Normal day in the roar

    This one was kind of random, met some guy, we flipped coins and both came up heads. At least it was different and the volcano in the background on the island we were both waiting for. One of only a few encounters that had not ended in a ship sinking hehe. I'm more inclined to shoot first and ask questions never.
    all coming up heads

  • Three Sheets Neate in front of an active volcano.

  • The Devil's Roar, this didn't end so well for me but it was fun! Cheers! :)

  • @lizalaroo

  • Stitcher Jim suffers from pain

  • I'm loving these! So diverse! Well done everyone, another competition closed.
    Head back tomorrow to check out who's the winner and what is my next mission...…. should you choose to accept in :D

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