Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL Community Competition) - Best Devil's Roar Screenshot!

  • I call this "Impending Doom"

  • @lizalaroo

    Newest update: The Smoldering

  • In the Heart of Devils Roar <3

  • @lizalaroo here's my spooky entry

  • This picture depicts what happens when you stay too long in the devil's roar xD

    Burning Boat

  • @lizalaroo
    Lucky day

  • I do love a good sunset

  • Very dangerous fireworks indeed

  • @lizalaroo


  • Our crew found a Box of Wondrous Secrets tonight, couldn't help but grab a silly picture with it!

    alt text

  • I wonder if the still thinks about me...

    Sorry for the fps counter in the corner, as soon as I saw the skeleton standing there I had to screenshot it ASAP

  • Felt cute, might sink later

  • @lizalaroo
    Flying Lava

  • @lizalaroo
    the second time i'd got sunk in that same spot, meg and volcano after skelly ship, all solo

  • They look way prettier from far away!

  • Just because I can't see it doesn't mean it can't hurt me.

  • My entry for this contest :

  • Just about to turn in and this happens #Just Devils Roar Things

  • A little bit hot-headed

  • Fighting a fort on fire

  • The Devils Mist

  • @lizalaroo


  • Please stop staring at me ma'am

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