Tall Tale Bug Found in Main Game

  • My crew was doing the Shores of Gold tall tale. When we reached the final vault where you fight the gold hoarder, a crew mate did not make it into the vault. He went to the mermaid to return to the crew and it spawned him where the Heart of Fire tall tale takes place under the Devils Thirst. When myself and the rest of our crew died inside of the final vault we also then spawned under Devils Thirst, ultimately ending our Shores of Gold tall tale attempt. Wanted to bring this to the developers attention to see if there is a way that does not happen again.

    EDIT: Thanks for the support guys! I got a support ticket response from the devs and they are looking into the bug. Best of luck on the seas!

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  • @blunts-0n-me

    Did u also send a support ticket? This bug is quite game breaking. Would bring it under their attention via a support ticket aswell.

    Good luck on your next voyages

  • @weakdexx I did not know how to create a support ticket.

  • @blunts-0n-me Ahoy matey!

    Head to the link below, wait a few seconds and then you should be able to create a ticket :)

    Contact Support

  • @blunts-0n-me

    try this:

    Also @Musicmee maybe u can collaborate on the next.
    Everything on SoT.com is english. When i go to support its in German. I can understand ze germans but not all i reckon. Is there a way to put it english?

  • @weakdexx I think the link I sent should knock it back to English?

  • @musicmee

    I see the diffrence in the link. Somehow it put me always to /de when i tried /en it didnt work but it has to be /en-gb.

    Still would be nice if Rare just linked it in english.
    Im not german so i dont understand why it put me in the german version.

    Edited: Even on the bottom of the support site it says English (EN). U know where u can change webpage language. Kinda weird it be in german.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Thanks for the help guys! I submitted a ticket. Hope this gets resolved. Hope this doesn't happen to any other players!

  • Yep.... Happened to us too! Dying in the Gold Hoarder's Lair deposits you in Flameheart's Tunnels, when you come back from the ferry.

    Even weirder... if you try to get through Flameheart's Tunnels, each time you die, you end up in some random. At one point, three of use got out back to the beach where the tale ends, and took a mermaid. We got transported BACK into the Gold Hoarder's Lair!!! Until next time we died.

    EDIT: If you perserved, and died, and died, and took mermaids, you would eventually end up in the Gold Hoarder's Lair again. Sometimes, death would take you straught back to the Gold Hoarder's Lair, and sometimes into Flameheart's. When my crewmates finally killed the Gold Hoarder, I was deep in Flameheart's Tunnels:

    alt text

  • Same here, I literally have to do the SoG quest one more time and I’m done with the shroud breaker quest line. Please patch this ASAP.

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